Those first days at a new job

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Whether you have relocated to start a new job, switched employers or are just beginning your career, it’s no surprise that those first few days on the job can have an impact on how things will turn out. Here are some tips on how to make things go as smoothly as possible:

Try to remember people’s name

Even if you are generally great at this, trying to keep track of everyone’s names while you are also trying to get a handle on your new role can be pretty overwhelming. Most people won’t expect you to remember their name for the first day or even the first week, but the sooner the better. Focus on your direct team members to start with and use memory tricks if needed.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Any reasonable company and/or boss isn’t going to expect you to know everything your first day on the job. If you’re unsure about something, it’s better to ask than complete the task incorrectly and waste your time … and quite possibly somebody else’s.

Show initiative

On the other hand, if you are feeling confident and have completed everything expected of you, don’t be afraid to ask for more to do either. Of course you don’t want to overdo it an seem like the proverbial office ‘suck up’, but your co-workers will most likely appreciate you alleviating some of their work load, as will your boss your proactive approach.

Keep negative opinions to yourself

There may be times in one’s career where it’s important to point out inefficiencies, issues with coworkers or problem clients. Your first few weeks is not that time. Related to this, avoid office gossip and if any comes your way, do not repeat it.

Keep personal tasks to a minimum.

Unless you are working with social media, Facebook, Twitter and related sites are off limits until you learn the lay of the land (i.e. what times are ok times for this, if ever). Personal phone calls and emails should also be kept to a minimum

Get involved in after-hours activities

One of the best ways to get to know your co-workers, and for them to get to know you, is to participate in some non-work related activities together. One thing to remember though is that if alcohol is involved, never drink more than a couple drinks. It’s just not worth the risk.

Come in early, stay late

You’re new, so there’s going to be a lot for you to learn. Show your commitment to doing just that by spending more time at your workplace than the bare minimum. Once you have established yourself and your ability to deliver high quality work on time you can start being more flexible with when and where you get that work done.

Be polite and show appreciation

You’re going to need help the first little bit and hopefully people will be there to provide it. Showing gratitude for their efforts will go a long way. Likewise, manners show respect so be polite. If you want people to respect you, you need to respect them.

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