5 other things you can do at Eastlink Centre

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East link Centre is Alberta’s largest aquatic and sports centre and most people use it for just that – aquatic activities and exercise. However, Eastlink also offers a diverse range of activities that many people aren’t aware of. Such as:

Birthday Parties

Select one of three themes and invite up to 15 kids and 20 adults. Options include a pool party, an imagination playground in the Fieldhouse, or playtime with blocks and an assortment of toys. Each type of gathering also includes time in the party room for presents, food and games.

Cooking Classes

Expand your culinary horizons by participating in “Around the World” cooking classes. Mediterranean, Italian, Latin, Canadian, French, Asian Fusion and German / Eastern European are just a selection of the classes that have been previously offered. Learn and explore exotic flavours is Eastlink’s industrial grade kitchen.

First Aid Certification

Whether you are interested in attending as an individual or an organisation, Eastlink Centre offers a number or different courses covering a range of certification requirements. Among them: Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, Standard First Aid Recertification, CPR / AED Recertification and a Babysitting Course.


Not only does Eastlink provide a Jungle Play Place where kids from 0-12 and their guardians can have fun in a stimulating environment, but you can also leave your child at Playcare while you participate in other activities onsite. The cost is $6/hour for one child and $5/hour for two or more children. Members pay $1 less per hour.

See a Personal Trainer

Eastlink is the perfect place to get your exercise in. The centre offers one-on-one personal training, group classes, program design and training lessons for beginners. Check out their website for more information on available training packages.

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